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Inquiry Work

In my private practice, I work with individuals and couples.  My approach is warm, inviting, and client-centered.  Each session, we begin with what's most present for you and then follow aliveness – as it unfolds, moment-to-moment, wherever it leads us. Over the years I've found that this organic process has its own intelligence and is completely trustworthy. Authenticity and

sincerity are the essential ingredients. You bring all of you – light and shadow, blessings and 

challenges, interests and needs – as well as whatever hurts, feels stuck, or is ready to be released

or reclaimed. I bring all of me – presence and deep listening, non-judgment and curiosity, intuition, theory and tools –  as well as everything I've learned so far about life, psyche, and spirit. Together, we follow your process – co-creating a way of working that is unique to you, in service to the fullest expression of your being.

The Work Is...


   We're in this together. I am an active,      

   engaged participant – holding space 

   or leaning in, based on what's needed.


   We use imagination, along with an

   awareness of energy, to access our

   other ways of knowing. Intuition  

   augments our analytical capacities.


   Experiential practices, coupled with

   skillful integration, facilitate deeper

   and more lasting shifts. I incorporate   

   mindfulness, guided imagery, energy

   work and expressive arts to name a few,      based on client interest and what we

   find to be most helpful.


   We track, attend to and honor the 

   wisdom of the physical and subtle

   energy bodies.


   We are oriented towards discovering

   and following truth, with the deep 

   understanding that you are already  


Areas of Focus


.Being in loving 

relationship to self and other with authenticity, 

transparency, and integrity – as a partner, parent, family, colleague or community member.


.Finding and following 

one's calling. Creating and exploring meaning.  Navigating changes in direction. All with 

curiosity and the courage to take the leap.

Life Transitions

 Navigating life's beginnings, changes, and endings with grace, balance, and ease. Honoring milestones. 

Creating rites of passage. Embracing new roles. 

.Cultivating wisdom and compassion in daily life  with a quiet mind, open
heart, and embodied  presence. Integrating transcendant and dark
night experiences.


.Meeting the challenges of anxiety or depression in daily life.  Supporting

change through the

development of awareness, skills, and community.


.Being with and working through grief in all  its stages. Integrating 

its teachings. Letting go

of what no longer

serves. Creating ritual to support the process.  



.Developing a deeper understanding of the wisdom and energy of

emotions. Transforming anger, fear, sadness, or shame into wise action.



.Seeing through limiting

beliefs or intrusive thoughts.  Softening and letting go of a harsh inner critic. 

Developing a clear, quiet mind.

© 2018 Lucy Salter, MFT, MIM  All Rights Reserved

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