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Professional Training

Develop your Intuition.  

Use It for Healing, Growth,

Transformation & Self-Care.

Intuitive Psychotherapy


In this training we'll explore the ways intuition is actively guiding the process of healing, growth and transformation in our clients and in our ourselves. Using theory, guided meditation, dyadic inquiry, discussion, and case presentation, each session is oriented towards developing greater understanding of  and trust in one's own intuitive capacities, as well as on specific skills, tools, and intervention strategies.

Session One:  Introduction to Intuition & the Subtle Energy Body

A working definition of intuition and types.  A framework & language for understanding the subtle energy body.  Experiential practices to access intuition.

Session Two:  Intuition & Energy Management Skills for Self-Care

Energy management theory and skills for grounding, clearing, setting & maintaining energetic boundaries.  Experiential practice 

Session Three:  Intuition & Energy Awareness in Client Work Part One 

Intuitive intervention strategies: working with knowing, imagery, parts, and past experiences.  Case presentations with Q&A. 

Session Four:  Intuition & Energy Awareness in Client Work Part Two

Intuitive intervention strategies: facilitating a client's intuitive listening. Working with the integration of intuitive wisdom and experiences.  Case presentations with Q&A. 


A Four-Part Experiential Training for Therapists & Healers


4 Sundays, 2 pm to 5 pm

Spring 2019 dates Coming Soon


Sausalito, CA


$300, payable by

check or credit card

for more information or to sign up call

415.322.0120 or send me a message:

Thanks! Message sent.

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