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Following the Call to Service

on the Path to Awakening


This group will explore what it means to dedicate oneself to awakening and to being of service in modern life – as a teacher, healer, parent, or any of the other infinite ways to serve. Through Buddhist teachings, guided meditation, dyadic inquiry, discussion, and ritual, each session is dedicated to clarifying our intention and deepening our practice. Over the course of the group we'll be working on the creation of unique, personal bodhisattva vows, with an ending ritual to witness and honor each

member's expression.  

Sessions One and Two:  Introductions & Exploring the Way of the Bodhisattva

Opening meditation and group introductions. Guided inquiry and discussion of the history and archetypes of the traditional bodhisattva path and how we can interpret this deep intention and practice in modern life. Next steps and closing meditation.

Sessions Three & Four:  Exploring & Writing Personal Refuges, Precepts & Vows

Opening meditation and group sharing. Guided inquiry, reflection and discussion of the potential components of a personal bodhisattva vow. Collecting ideas and resources for writing. Next steps and closing meditation.

Sessions Five & Six:  Putting it all together & Closing Ceremony

Opening meditation and group sharing. Finalizing vows and creating a keepsake book. Planning for the closing ceremony.  Closing ceremony to witness and honor each person's journey and vows. 


A  6-Part Experiential

Inquiry Group


 Sundays, 4 pm to 6 pm

Spring/Summer 2019

datescoming soon.



Sausalito, CA



$300, payable by

check or credit card

for more information or to sign up call

415.322.0120 or send me a message:

Thanks! Message sent.

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